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Emerald Coast Manufacturing

Emerald Coast Manufacturing is a well-respected vacuum wastewater sampler manufacturer in Pensacola, Florida. The company touted a well-established cool, ocean-inspired brand and highly efficient, patented vacuum technology wastewater sampler named The WAVE™. Now, they just needed a beautiful, user-friendly website to help customers learn more about their story and the superior product, revolutionizing the wastewater industry.

Our collaboration with Emerald Coast Manufacturing involved multiple aspects, including a new website, content creation, a brand photoshoot, and a custom PowerPoint presentation to be used in the sales field.

Our vision for the tone of the content and look of their future website’s design was crystal clear the moment we saw the Emerald Coast Manufacturing logo. With their cool, ocean-inspired brand matched with their commitment to quality products and treating people with the highest level of customer service, we created a website that matched their unique brand and core values.

First, we strategized a new website. Our top priority was to deliver a stunning website that aligned with their brand and could visually showcase how the product worked and their patented technology. The site’s responsive design was optimized for both search engines and humans.

With a highly technical product, getting lost in confusing industry jargon can easily repel potential customers. This is why we focused on using a casual tone customers could easily understand while still maintaining the integrity of The Wave™ and its remarkable capabilities.

Next, we created a custom-branded PowerPoint presentation that showcased their brand and the patented technology behind their vacuum wastewater sampler and artfully showed how the technology worked through custom content and technical graphics.

Armed with an attractive, high-quality website and a convincing sales presentation, our team took the Emerald Coast brand to the next level.

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