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Nashville Box

In the competitive market of corrugated packaging, Nashville Box was an emerging newcomer in the Southeast. Despite their newbie status, the founders of Nashville Box were determined to make a lasting impression in an industry filled with sameness.

"The KNC Marketing team supported Nashville Box from ground zero..."

“…and did so by setting a new brand standard for our industry in weeks. As a startup, we had many unique needs and needed swift movement to gain a market presence. KNC did not fail to deliver. The ROI was nearly immediate. We are grateful that we have been able to have them on our side from day one.”
Scott Lawrence,
President and CEO, Nashville Box

Nashville Box partnered with KNC Marketing to create a website that showcased its people-centric approach and exceptional service with a touch of Southern charm.

Our design process started the moment we stepped into the Nashville Box facility. We witnessed firsthand the passion, determination, and proud team behind the company. The rhythmic flow of cardboard through the production machines, the solid concrete floor beneath our feet, and the sight of an impressive American flag hanging overhead all left a lasting impression. With this inspiration in mind, we created a website that mirrored the grit and hard work we witnessed in their facility.

To achieve this, we worked closely with Nashville Box, creating a website that truly reflected their values. Our strategic content framework highlighted their dedicated team and their relentless commitment to customer satisfaction. Taking inspiration from the welcoming atmosphere of the craft beer industry, we used a conversational tone that resonated with visitors. We showcased their products and capabilities in concise, easily digestible formats, avoiding industry jargon that can alienate potential customers. The end result was a website that not only performed well but also exuded authenticity at every turn.

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The outcome? A user-friendly website that immediately began generating high-quality leads. Nashville Box now stands out as a reliable and innovative force in the corrugated packaging industry, thanks to their authentic online presence and unwavering dedication to serving their customers.

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