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Toyota Material Handling Midsouth

TMH Midsouth, a material handling solutions provider with locations across the Southeast, was on a mission to establish its name in the market and achieve considerable sales growth. On the heels of a recent acquisition and a new brand identity, TMH Midsouth faced the challenge of low market brand recognition. Seeking to overcome this, the company turned to KNC Marketing for a comprehensive, multi-year marketing strategy that would increase brand awareness, engage both employees and customers and increase sales.

Our approach was to create a strategic marketing plan that encompassed various departments and levels of the business. We began by establishing a brand-new digital infrastructure and implementing a robust brand awareness and promotional campaign. For a company of TMH Midsouth’s size and ambition, a powerful website and digital experience was essential. We created an engaging and high-converting website. This visually captivating platform not only tells the brand’s story but also provides a seamless user experience.

Once the foundation was laid, we unleashed a strong paid and organic communication strategy that brought in a flood of leads. But our work extended beyond the consumer-facing side of the business. We developed unique collateral for sales teams, recruiting partners, and human resources, ensuring a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints for customers, internal teams, and prospects.

In support of their vision to be a great place to work, we had the privilege of developing TMH Midsouth’s employer brand, which began with the development of their mission, vision, and core values. Once the foundation was set, we focused on fostering engagement with the brand among employees and recruits through a creative internal brand campaign called BOLD. These efforts have resulted in remarkable employee engagement and a competitive advantage in attracting top-tier talent in just a few short years.

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TMH Midsouth’s dedication to excellence, combined with KNC Marketing’s strategic approach, has propelled their brand to new heights. To date, the TMH Midsouth digital program has generated millions of impressions, hundreds of high-quality leads, and impressive sales growth. Together, we continue to forge a path towards increased brand recognition, sales growth, and a thriving internal culture.

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