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Humerick Construction

For over 20 years, Humerick Construction has been setting the foundation for thousands of homes in Middle Tennessee. With a team of skilled construction professionals and massive earth-moving equipment, Humerick Construction consistently takes on ambitious projects, transforming visions into reality at a grand scale. Our mission? To reintroduce their remarkable construction brand to the world through a new website.

Recognizing the need for a website that authentically reflected the scale and expertise of Humerick Construction, we embarked on a journey to create a digital platform that showcased their larger-than-life construction project and embodied the magnitude of their capabilities.

To kickstart this website project, we analyzed Humerick Construction’s brand identity, target audience, and goals. Armed with this knowledge, we developed a website structure and content plan that highlights their brand, showcases past projects, and demonstrates their expertise in construction. Every aspect of the website was carefully crafted with the user experience in mind, guiding visitors through informative content that establishes trust with the brand.

In partnership with our photo and video partner, Fifth & Broad, we organized a two-day photo and video shoot that captured the heart and soul of Humerick Construction on film.

The result? A visually appealing website that elevated their brand to new heights.

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